Reduce on average 30% of clothing exchange on your e-commerce and increase in 5% your conversions!

With Sizebay’s virtual fitting room your clients will buy more because they trust the ideal size choice. Consequently, when buying the right size they don’t need to exchange.

Sizebay’s Fitting Room relates the brand’s size charts with your client’s measurements to indicate the most adequate size of the piece to the user.

Easy to use

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Your client access the fitting room from the product detail window in your e-commerce.

Informs, just once, the basic data about their body (weight, age and height).

The client has their measures automatically deduced (without the need to measure themselves) and can adjust them if necessary.

They receive a recommendation for the best size and can examine the other sizes as well, exactly as the physical store, in a fast and intuitive way.

They can, in any moment, edit their measures and save their profile for future purchases

Know thoroughly your public with Sizebay Intelligence

Each new access to the fitting room, we collect valuable information about your clients, about the use of the fitting room and the most recommended sizes by product. Sizebay Intelligence stores, organizes and provides data collected through a simple and intuitive interface, generating insights and information that will help your company in the management in your e-commerce.

We are growing, very fast!

+ 30 million
Fitting room calls per month
+ 1.2 milion
Recommendations per month
+ 300 thousand
Products with the fitting room


We have implemented the virtual fitting room and this enables our customer a new experience and a high degree of utility.

The implementation was extremely simple, with a very high level of flexibility and dedication of Sizebay team, and so we have a lot to thank them.

Today our customers have a new shopping experience, with all the excellence that the new online consumer wants


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