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6 tips for selling more on Mother’s Day

6 tips for selling more on Mother’s Day


It’s known that after Christmas, Mother’s Day is often the favorite date for retailers. It’s a fact that these seasonal events bring many opportunities, but those who don’t prepare and devise strategies to attract the public may lose space to competition.

With stores who do want to prepare in mind, Sizebay came up with some tips to help e-commerces achieve great results on one of the most special dates for both customers and companies.


1) Plan your campaign

Start by choosing products that sell at that time of the year and evaluate the possibility of giving a discount or reduce the price of shipping, for example. There is the strategy of assembling kits to help the customer choose and increase the average sale order. By setting the time frame for Mother’s Day promotions, launch the campaign to customers and your network of e-commerce contacts by leveraging the power of social media and marketing emails.

Another important tip is to make your website Mother’s Day themed. Update the home page, which is one of your main ways for customers to “window shop”, work on your banners and main areas of the pages to capture the attention of the public and highlight strategic products.

2) Direct the communication of your store

The day is for mothers, but you should keep in mind children, husbands and grandchildren who make up the target audience who are looking for gifts for mothers in their lives.

3) Prepare your e-commerce for sales

With the campaign strategy communicated to everyone in your company, it is important to prepare the e-store for the increase in online traffic, that, with overload of accesses, can cause your website to crash, lowering sales. If necessary, increase the server capacity for this periods and ensure the availability of your e-commerce.

4) Invest in technology for your users

Prioritize the usability of your site and provide a differentiated customer experience with complete product information and innovative features that are available in your marketplace. One tool, for example, that has helped millions of users choose the right size of clothing is the virtual fitting room and size chart called Sizebay, which, based on the measurements indicated, suggests the ideal size, increasing assertiveness and sales and decreasing the numbers of returns and exchanges.

5) Offer attractive extras

In the midst of wide competition, discounted products are always a differential, but you can gain even more momentum in periods of economic recession and instability. Although the national economy is pretty stable, consumers still have some caution with high prices. That way, do your best to offer discounts and free or promotional shipping.

Another strategy is to offer free items. To offset the investment in your e-commerce, you can offer this “free item” for purchases above a certain price.

6) Remember the after-sale

Mother’s Day passed, sales were excellent and deliveries were made on time, but now what? It’s time to build customer loyalty. Thank your customers for their trust and maintain communication with them by offering discount coupons, inviting them to check out new promotions and following the store’s social media, for example.


Bonus Tip

One strategy not practiced much by e-commerces is corporate sales. Many companies often send souvenirs and gifts to employees, clients and other mothers in their networks. This is an opportunity to sell in bulk!

The tips were made specifically for Mother’s Day, but all of them can be applied to other commemorative dates during the year. Put these tips that your e-commerce still doesn’t practice into action and happy selling!

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