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Four attitudes a fashion e-commerce leader must have for conquering the market

Four attitudes a fashion e-commerce leader must have for conquering the market

The feeling of an economic slowdown is noticeable in the national scenario and even more specifically in the retail sector; however when speaking about virtual commerce history changes, there is growth. Forrester is partnering with E-commerce Brazil and has carried out a survey with diverse retailers in the country in order to improve the understanding of this scenario.

This has generated some really important insights, such as, for example around 60% of retailers have commented on their feeling of facing foreseeable difficulties in their sales in the next few months. We have organized the following list, in order to make you capable of navigating through such turbulent waters:

Four attitudes an e-commerce leader must have for conquering the market.

#1 Invest in Innovation

Around 64% of retailers have contributed to the survey, as they are investing in more technology. In an increasingly competitive and challenging scenario, this item has become a must when speaking about innovative processes and making the buying process more and more assertive and facilitated as to successfully conclude it.

#2 Focusing on the Customer Experience

In addition to the previous item, Customer Experience is increasingly recurrent as the best bet, or otherwise, simply expressed as CX. It is necessary to consider the buyer journey of your customer and guide towards the best path until achieving your final objective. This requires foregoing generalist strategies and instead providing personalized service, not just considering reactive attitudes (such as expecting your customer to make decisions independently) and in fact developing a proactive manner for implementing initiatives for the enhancement in each interaction point of your user.

#3 Think about the Mobile first experience

About 20% of revenues from E-commerce have originated from the Mobile first experience according to E-commerce Brazil. In spite of that growth, only 50% of e-commerce provides an interface and experience adapted to these devices. Thus, besides being indispensable, providing exclusive resources for mobile devices is a must as a cutting-edge feature. Also, do not forget all resources and tools included in a virtual store need to provide a differentiated experience to the mobile user. After all, the buying experience of your customer is the sum of your platform and all the other services related to it.

#4 Know your customer profoundly and treat him/her as an acquaintance (Personalization)

Another trend is the good and old email marketing tactic that is increasingly allied to strategies linked to social networks. That channel has been consolidating among three main sources of purchases in new customers. In considering the growing importance of personalized customer service and the more personal buying journey provided to the user are challenges present in the daily lives of an E-commerce Manager, and most of the times, the solution is providing the user an interaction in points of greater interest, in the case of social networks. It is important to show you know your customer and in fact offering solutions that will meet his/her needs, as these are recurrent initiatives getting good results.


Even though, there is a great increase in the number of physical retail points of sale, there are immense challenges in navigating in the online market, for the experienced leaders and their e-commerce, as well as for the novice sailors who are launching out to sea just fostered by their own courage.

“The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators”
Edward Gibbon

The e-commerce manager will have to count only his/her luck for crossing this immense and competitive sea, unless he/she abides by the concepts listed in this article. Innovate, Invest, and Measure must be verbs on the tip of the tongue of all e-commerce managers for displaying cutting-edge differences and thus selling more and achieving enhanced results.


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