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French e-commerce implements Sizebay’s Virtual Fitting Room

French e-commerce implements Sizebay’s Virtual Fitting Room

New client

On soccer, France stood out and became the champion of the World Cup 2018. When the subject is online shopping, the most charming country in the world is not behind: with 66 million habitants, it’s the second largest e-commerce market in Europe. In July, the same month that France became World Champion, Sizebay also conquered a title: the first e-commerce on France was implemented, Cia Marítima.

Starting on the Brazilian market, Cia Marítima is a beachwear brand, famous for their bikini, swimsuits, bodies and cover-up collections. Another strong side of the brand is the investment on technological development in all their lines, creating fabrics and exlusive modelings. And now, this models are counting on Sizebay’s Virtual Fitting Room, the Sizefit.

French consumption 

The french are known for buying on national stores, but there is a tendency that indicates it might be changing. According to E-Commerce News, it is estimated that the consumption on international stores is increasing 28% every year. And the average sales ticket is £900, a little bit below the european average (£927) – according to DHL Parcel data.

Virtual Fitting Room 

Based on the buyer’s body measurements, the solution indicates the ideal size for the clients, allowing them to try virtually the trim of each size on every choosen clothe. The Virtual Fitting Room reduces in 10% the return rates and increaces, on average, 15% on the sales ticket price. Go for a demo and get to know more.

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