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The importance of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

The importance of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry


We are currently living in a context where processes are being carried out at amazing speed so that companies are more productive. All this speed brings economic benefits, but it also causes a negative impact on other spheres of society, mainly to our environment:

“The fashion industry is responsible for producing twenty per cent of global wastewater and ten per cent of global carbon emissions – more than the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined (”

Corporates today must adjust and comply with new consumer demands: namely, sustainability. We see a huge growth in sustainable brands that have managed to attract, retain and place themselves in the market, and created a vision that corroborates these values. A survey conducted by the Union for Ethical BioCommerce (UEBT) in Brazil and in 8 more countries – Ecuador, Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, India and Germany – revealed that consumers are concerned with brands vision in relation to environment and biodiversity.

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for companies and these are aware gradually reinventing themselves and following (and leading) the transformations and demands of clientes, consumers, partners and industries in general. In addition to effectively contributing to our environment, a conscious attitudes adds value to brands and products and definitely improves market perception.

In this global connected world the speed of information dissemination creates an ever more demanding customer base. It is no longer a mere purchase, it has become a declaration of principles and values, consistency with a new style of life. Indeed, one recent report revealed that certain categories of products with sustainability claims showed twice the growth of their traditional counterparts. 

In this context, international actress Emma Watson, concerned with the sustainability of the fashion industry, has created, together with a brand, a website that calculates the amount of greenhouse gases thrown into the environment. After answering a few questions, the website calculates the average greenhouse gases you throw into the atmosphere and classifies the participant as a conscious/unconscious consumer. The idea is to show that all our actions have an impact and that we can always improve and find alternative means.

Finsmes defines an eco-friendly a company that has implemented sustainable processes, such as: the use of biodegradable plastics and plant-based plastics, uses recycled products and alternative energy sources. All of this can contribute to your brand and positively impact the environment.

One factor that has a negative impact on fashion e-commerce´s sustainability is the amount of returns and exchanges of products. Not only is there a waste in packaging material, but also fuel cost and pollution directly related to logistics, consumption of human resources due to reverse logistics and waste, due to product handling and many others.

We at Sizebay believe in sustainability and we help companies to invest in sustainable processes. With the precision of our virtual fitting room, fashion e-commerces can dramatically reduce the returns due to wrong size. With our unique technology, it is possible to guarantee customer satisfaction and consequently reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, produced during the freight and delivery process. 

For more on our solution:

To achieve the needed reductions at the scale and pace required by science, companies will be much more successful if they can work together with technological innovators and each other.

Sizebay is committed!  Are you?


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