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A perfect set of tools for delivering a customized experience for your fashion e-commerce

We combine the industry's leading tools to increase your sales, decrease your product returns and improve your e-commerce shopping experience.

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A virtual fitting room that helps your users find the perfect size in just a few clicks

Our virtual fitting room combines anthropometric technologies and design expertise to deliver a simple flow for your e-commerce users to find the perfect size for your products.

By informing height, weight and age plus a fine-tuned visual fit, we guarantee 98% accuracy in clothing recommendation.


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The complementary tools you need for improving your conversion rate

SIZE Charts

Create an interactive measurement table for each product in your online store with zero effort. Provide your customers with product-specific measurement data;
Show how to correctly measure each body area so there are no errors.

SIZE Onpage

Your customers will land on the product page with the optimal size they choose, reducing the number of clicks-to-purchase.
We use your customers’ measurements to recommend the right size for each product;
Your customers’ measurement information is saved in the browser, and customization occurs immediately.

SIZE Content

Product-tailored content for you to show your customers the history, design and tips on how to dress better.
You have the freedom to create unique product content helping customers to make the perfect choice;
Convey your fashion concept and usage guidelines to your users.

SIZE Filter

Customize your e-commerce automatically by only showing your clients the right-sized products.
Your entire store already automatically filters products available to the customer’s size;
Avoid user frustration in finding a piece they like without their size being available.


Integrate your product recommendation tool and generate customized recommendations based on your users’ correct measurements.
Make your e-commerce more customizable by adding information in the right size when recommending;
Gain effectiveness in offering similar items by showing only the items in the right sizes.


Show an entire look with 98% accuracy in size indication for all types of pieces.
Increase your e-commerce average purchase ticket by helping users buy an entire look;
Have an automated algorithm to work with recommendations of different piece types and brands.

SIZE Reports

Understand how to optimize your results with accurate data on your users’ shopping behavior.
Understand which sizes are not selling due to lack of inventory;
Be clear about your conversion rates for sessions with and without Sizebay.

SIZE Leads

Enrich your contact base information and run customized paid media and email campaigns.
We integrate product size information with your marketing platform;
Get customized marketing similar to your e-commerce, increasing your conversion rate.


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