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Customize your e-commerce Shopping Experience using your customers clothing and footwear measurements

Sizebay helps your customers find the perfect size in just a few clicks and customizes the shopping experience based on the provided measurements, recommending products that will best suit and fit your customers.

Clients adopting Sizebay have a 273% average conversion rate improvement

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More than 200 e-commerces use Sizebay around the world.

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How our Virtual Fitting Room finds the perfect size for delivering the right product?

Enter height, weight, age, and the magic happens in a click

Our system uses only 3 pieces of information for the customer, and a sophisticated algorithm finds the perfect size for any piece of clothing or footwear.

98% accuracy in recommending sizes to your customers

With the perfect measurements, our system automatically matches the size chart of each product in your e-commerce to always recommend the most appropriate size.

Sizebay directly impacts

4 of your fashion

e-commerce metrics

Increased Conversion Rate

Sizebay helps your customers choose the right size by entering simple information into our Virtual Fitting Room. Eliminate the doubt from your customers!

Reduced Returns

The accuracy of our Virtual Fitting Room guarantees size satisfaction and drastically decreases returns due to size.

Increased Repurchases

Our tool keeps measurement information for products that have been successfully searched or bought and you can use this information to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Increased Average Ticket

We use your customers’ measurements and create personalized suggestions for complete looks or similar products to increase the shopping cart per order.

The tools most frequently used by conversion optimization experts in fashion e-commerce brought together in a single platform

SIZE Charts

Eliminate up to 100% of your team's effort in managing and displaying your store's measurement charts. Make sure your customers always see product-specific and up-to-date information and teach them how to correctly obtain their measurements.

SIZE Onpage

Display the most indicated size recommendation for your customers directly on your store's product page (no need to open the virtual fitting room).

SIZE Content

Offer customized content to help your customers buy clothing and shoes based on relevant information at choosing time.

SIZE Filter

Make your online store’s product listing more efficient by displaying products tailored to each customer’s specific body measures.


Suggest similar products (if you don't have items in stock for the customer’s size) or encourage the purchase of complementary products inside the virtual fitting room.


Display recommended sizes for different products that make up a look and allow your customers to confidently buy the looks suggested by your store.

SIZE Reports

A statistics module that enables tracking consumers size recommendation behavior and measurement profiles.

SIZE Leads

Lists the size information in the profile of your store visitors, enabling you to create custom surveys and campaigns.


Explore new features or create new custom solutions from our platform with our research team for your online store.

Case Riachuelo

“Sizebay has been with Riachuelo since the beginning of our e-commerce operations and we are constantly monitoring the service quality and result indicators; They are a supplier aligned with our company's supply policies”.

Mariella Bondezan Afonso

Production Manager, E-commerce Unit

Case Sizebay

“The virtual fitting room greatly helps our customers find the right size for each item. In a market where each brand has its own measurements, having a tool that helps and gives consumers more confidence when buying is essential. Not to mention the gain we had with fewer returns due to the correct product size suggestions”.

David Bluvol

E-commerce Manager, Grupo Calzedonia

Case Sizebay

“The virtual fitting room helps men and women buy their clothes online more assertively, improving the customers’ shopping experience and helping us reduce the return ratio. We are really enjoying the product!”

Alicia Haydée Billberg

E-commerce Manager, Osklen

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