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How to prepare your e-commerce for the Black Friday

How to prepare your e-commerce for the Black Friday

Even unintentionally, your e-commerce already has a date scheduled with her on November 23rd. It is famous in Brazil, but is imported, world-famous and, when well planned, is admired by e-consumers and retailers. As you might already know, we are talking about Black Friday 2018, the promotional action that offers huge discounts on various products on the last Friday of the penultimate month of the year.

For months, companies have been publishing tips for e-commerces to achieve great results on Black Friday, but Sizebay has listed guidelines to help you in what really impacts your bottom line: effective sales, and the best part is: there’s still time to apply those tips. After all, it is useless to read suggestions, if they will won’t affect in the short and medium term when applied.

Tips to prepare your e-commerce for the Black Friday

The last editions of Black Friday confirmed that the date brings good results for the e-commerces and, in 2017, the event reached a revenue of R $ 2.1 billion. If your store believes that the competition is very high, we can confirm that. However, for those who prepare and invest in the date, there is space for all segments and this can be a great opportunity to get new customers.

Check out some unbeatable tips to attract customers to your e-commerce and close sales with reduced quitting rates:

Attract qualified leads

The Black Friday provides a considerable increase on e-commerce traffic, and people wait for that day and reserve budget to invest. But rather than attracting audiences, it’s important to target your media investments and your campaigns to focus on qualified leads, stimulating buy and repurchase.

How to do that? Drive, for example, your campaigns on social networks and search engines, with ads customized to your followers and customers. Also, make pre-campaigns to generate buzz and attract users interested in the promotions and discounts of the action to be the first to receive the offers.

Decrease the chances of exchange and return

Sales opportunities on Black Friday are huge and democratic, so stores can not waste time and, for that, it is necessary to boost the conversion and sell without exchange, even more in a period in which profitability is reduced. For this reason, it is recommended that e-commerces minimize this process by investing in tools and customizations that increase the customer confidence and improve all sales indicators.

Created by Sizebay, Sizefit offers e-commerces the possibility of having confidence in purchasing clothes through a virtual fitting room that recommends the right size at the time of purchase. Based on the results of some clients, it is verified that users who use the virtual fitting room convert up to 8x more and buy on average 20% more items than those who do not, increasing the average ticket.
Another essential thing is a fast deployment, which allows you to attend to your improved e-commerce already on Black Friday.

To ensure this feature, use Sizefit.

Sister Dates

Besides Black Friday, there are other similar events that help the sales in the end-of-year months: Cyber ​​Monday, where online retailers offer discounts on these segment products and Gray Thursday, which takes place on Thanksgiving in the United States.

Want to know Sizebay solutions? Check out the benefits of the Sizefit Virtual Fitting Room and request a demo.

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