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Sizebay develops fitting room to recommend the perfect size for women lingerie and underwear

Sizebay develops fitting room to recommend the perfect size for women lingerie and underwear



It is known for all of us that buying clothes on internet still is a challenge for a big amount of e-shoppers. Statistically, 37% of the buyers decide to quit buying because they are afraid of having to exchange the clothes. This percentage can double when talking about underwear, specially lingerie. Most women consider impossible to buy this kind of clothing through internet and most likely, most men wouldn’t be bold enough to face the mystery that is bra numeration.



To make women’s life easier and allow brave warriors to finally be able to give gifts to their loved ones without falling into the enigmatic traps of measurement charts, our team developed a solution thought as impossible: recommend lingerie sizes from based on the customer’s basic information.

Without the need of using measuring tapes or comparing the desired product with the sizes of other brands, Sizebay’s Virtual Fitting Room is the only one in the world that is able to deduct the necessary measurements to recommend the correct size of bras and other underwear from the customer’s basic informations: Height, Weight and Age


Can you believe it? More than that, our service builds dinamically the measurement charts of each product, very simplified, replacing the traditional charts that try to explain the almost unexplainable process of deciding the size of underwear.

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Sizebay is specialized on creating solutions for fashion e-commerces. To know more about Sizefir and other tools, get in touch with our team.


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