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Tips to increase your fashion e-commerce conversion rate

Tips to increase your fashion e-commerce conversion rate

Have you ever wondered why your customers abandon their shopping cart when browsing your online shop? Do you know how to reduce your return rate?

Let’s talk about these challenges and give you some clear and easy tips to implement recommendations that we hope will help you to convert more.

The main obstacles a shopper finds to finishing an order are


One of the main challenges for conversion is the lack of product availability. A product that was sought but is out of stock is a major impediment to a purchase that had a good chance of occurring, because the buyer was interested and even willing to buy. It is very important that fashion e-commerces are aware of the most sought-after products so that they are not in short supply, and create ways to warn the shopper that that garment/shoe, which he was so interested in, has returned to stock. The SizeHint functionality, from Sizebay’s virtual fitting room, can also help in this matter as the tool will suggest similar products in case the chosen item is out of stock or is not available in the requested size.

On site search engine failures

We know that on-site search users convert 16x better but it is also very common that the buyer cannot find what he was looking for when using the onsite search engine which will definitely create a hindrance and impediment to closing the sale. This can occur due to the lack of quality information about the products and so a good description with the right keywords is crucial. Therefore, when creating the description, think about your customer’s behavior, how they thinks and how they would search. A good tip is to use keywords that describe the item.

Overall, your job is to remove any obstacle that hinders a shopper during the buying journey. People who use the search already have a specific product in mind to buy when they visit a store – an accurate, fast search is necessary to direct these customers to the right products. 

Don’t count on your potential buyers giving you a second chance.

Lack of confidence with the online buying experience

Even today, there are people who do not feel confident buying online. After all, chances are they don’t know your store and are not sure if the product will be delivered as promised from the description. Therefore, we advise you to adopt some tactics to create confidence and engagement, such as placing testimonials from customers who have already purchased, post videos and product announcements, guarantee site security with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, and display other quality certificates obtained or associations that your Brand belongs to or supports. 

Lack of product information

It is very common to see online shops display poor product descriptions. However, as the purchase is online, and it is not possible to try or even touch the product, it is really important that the product descriptions are as complete and detailed as possible, giving confidence to the buyer. Use images, videos and don’t just use the sizes P, M or G, as these are not universal measurements but include as many measurement charts as you can. The SizeCharts tool, is an intelligent table of measurements, which shows only the information that is available for the product, according to gender, age group and category. You can find this tool in Sizebay´s virtual fitting room.

Inefficient online payment solutions

Many buyers are afraid of having their credit cards cloned and their data stolen when buying online. So, if they don´t trust the payment method you’re offering, it is very likely that they will give up and abandon their cart. So, offer as many alternatives as you can that will give your customer the security they need to finish their purchase.

How to let your customer know they are buying the right size?

Did you know that 37% of consumers who buy clothes online abandon their order because of doubts in regards to the  fitting of the garment? And that 56% of consumers are uncomfortable with an online purchase because they cannot “see” the product and cannot “try it on” before buying? So, why have Fitting Rooms only in brick and mortar stores? Shouldn’t we, as ecommerce professionals, try to guarantee the same experience online?

Details and photo quality

A picture-quality photo that shows details, textures and colors accurately will make shoppers more confident about what they are buying and so the chances of selling will of course increase.

Real models

Using real models in the products presentation, is of great help to the shopper when they are making their buying decisions, as it will enable them to see the finishing of the item in a way that will show the size more realistically.

Online or virtual fitting room

The  fitting room, different from the measurement table, suggests according to the proportions and information given, which items are accurate for the shopper. This shopper will no longer need to compare their measurements with the table presented, but will receive the product recommendation according to his measurements and body type. The objective of the fitting room, besides helping the buyer to choose the right size, is to involve and engage them chosen size. We know that involvement in the choice generates greater commitment and thus less exchanges and returns.

We hope these tips to grow your ecommerce conversion rate and culminate in more sales are useful.

Together with our clientes, Sizebay works to improve the customer experience. We develop successful partnerships with brands that strive daily to meet the needs of customers searching for  incredible online shopping experiences!


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