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Case Riachuelo and Sizebay: how a satisfied customer buys more

Case Riachuelo and Sizebay: how a satisfied customer buys more

Success Case

The story of Sizebay and Riachuelo began even before Riachuelo launched its e-commerce in May 2017. Riachuelo understood from day one the importance of including a virtual fitting room not only as a resource to better serve their customers but also as a commercial performance tool.

In 2016, our team helped design the project and requirements for a size recommendation solution, participating in the planning phase for the necessary features included in a virtual fitting room, for example, the necessary support the pattern team would need to understand the information required.

In May 2017, Riachuelo launched its e-commerce and is currently an important sales channel for the company, with consistent monthly sales growth.

It was with Riachuelo that the Measurement Chart was implemented for the first time. This request was identified in the initial development phase of the project: Sizebay understood that a team to support a huge work process, which consisted of the registration of the measurements for each product, had to be created. This team would also filter the necessary information reducing errors and delays in updating charts.

The Challenge

Riachuelo implemented the concept of Fast Fashion in 2006, the first large company to implement this business model in Brazil, which requires the right timing and rapid integration of all areas of the company, be it commercial, inventory, logistics, company production planning, and suppliers.

Fast-fashion should also work perfectly in e-commerce and this was one of the important conditions for the success of this project. This would also mean, for example, that the return rates must be kept as low as possible, thus avoiding the mismatch between the launch timings and the reprocessing of returns or exchanges.

Sizebay started as solution to keep return and exchange rates low. But our story was just beginning and other challenges came up.

The Results

After implementing its solutions in Riachuelo’s e-commerce, in April of 2018, Sizebay registered the following numbers (comparing visits and orders using the Virtual Fitting Room):


These numbers show that, in addition to reducing exchanges and returns, the use of the Virtual Fitting Room and Measurement Table gave the customer more confidence in choosing the correct size. And, with more confidence, more sales, and customer satisfaction. And, of course, a satisfied customer will buy again.

“We are very pleased to work closely with Riachuelo and obtaining very significant and positive commercial performance indicators”, highlights Marcelo Bastos, CEO of Sizebay.


 “Sizebay has been with Riachuelo since the beginning of our e-commerce operations and we are always following the quality of their services and results, which shows that Sizebay is a supplier that is in line with the company’s supply policies” 

Production Manager – E-commerce

About Riachuelo

Among the main national brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerces, Riachuelo was founded in 1947 and belongs to the Guararapes Confecções Group. In the last quarter, the brand registered an 8.1% growth in total Consolidated Net Revenue, reaching R$ 2.1 billion. Year after year, the brand stands out in the department store segment for investing in fashion and technology. Aligned and connected with the main world trend-setters, Riachuelo invests in research and own manufacture, distributing fashion to stores all over Brazil.

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