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Success Case: Intimissimi increases the conversion rates with Sizefit

Success Case: Intimissimi increases the conversion rates with Sizefit

Success Case

The only Virtual Fitting Room in the world that meets lingerie and underwear patterns, Sizefit has been integrated since January on the Italian store Intimissimi and has already accumulated results that indicate a promising successful partnership.

Founded in 1996, Intimissimi is a brand of Gruppo Calzedonia Spa, an Italian company that has a worldwide franchising network. An absolute leader in Europe in the underwear segment, the Intimissimi brand won the public with desired collections, with Italian charm and sophistication, and high quality designed pieces, the result of much stylistic research.

Currently, Intimissimi is present in 40 countries and has 1,390 physical stores, Intimissimi Uomo has 86 stores in Italy and Spain and, with the e-commerce, has further expanded its range and customer attendance.

The online store has both women and men collections including various types of bra, panties, underwear, bodysuits, suspenders and a special line for brides. In July, the Virtual Fitting Room had 99.7% product coverage rate and 11.4% usage rate. Check out the case:


Intimissimi, just as other great fashion e-commerces, has a lot of accesses interest of many users, but it hat the goal of increasing the conversion rate and reducing the rate of “cart abandonment”.


Intimissimi deployed the Virtual Fitting Room, Sizefit, which makes the recommendation of the ideal clothing size for the user according to their measurements. By providing the measurements once, the tool applies this size to all other items viewed.

In addition to accurately calculating the ideal size, the Fitting Room allows the user to signal whether he prefers a tighter or looser fit, allowing the customer to virtually try every size. The tool is deployed in the virtual store. To test it, visit Intimissimi e-commerce.


In July, Intimissimi achieved 2.3% growth in revenue through the usage of the VFR. In addition, in the sessions where the user used Sizefit, the conversion rate went up from 2% to 10.2%.

Another important data analyzed indicated an increase of the average ticket of 8.1%. This is because the users feel more secure in investing a greater value and also on buying more clothes.

Check out the demonstration of these and other success rates:

General Numbers



Orders Analysis


Final Result


“The Virtual Fitting Room helps a lot our customers to find their right size for each item. In a market where each brand has its measures, having a tool that helps and gives more confidence to the consumer at the time of purchase is essential. Not to mention the gain that we had the lowest number of returns because of the accuracy in the suggestion of the size of the products!”

David Bluvol
E-Commerce Manager at Calzedonia Group


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