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We customize your fashion e-commerce experience based on your customers’ real measurements.


Have you ever imagined entering a store where all the clothes fit your size? Where all the seller's recommendations are perfect for your body type and you feel comfortable and identified with that store?

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the best fitting room on the market

This is what we do:

we create a personalized shopping experience for your customer

Customizing the shopping experience is the future and the present of fashion e-commerce.

43 %

of purchases are influenced by customized recommendations and promotions

75 %

of customers prefer brands that customize their shopping experience

94 %

of e-commerce see customization as critical for present and future success

Source: Nosto

Sizebay is a company that potentiates its expertise in modeling, anthropometry, mathematics, statistics, neural network, e-commerce, cloud computing and usability by developing a software platform that relates, customizes and generates value for the main players in the fashion market: industry, retail and end-consumers.

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A global operation deserves a top notch infrastructur

More than

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products covered

15 thousand

recommendations per hour (aprox. 230 per minute)


10 million

recommendations per month

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